Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Bella Baby!

So, how do you celebrate your Birthday when you are the baby of six in a busy family? 
First, sometimes you don't even celebrate your birthday ON your birthday... sometimes, you celebrate it a day early... because of concerts, or basketball playoffs, or scouts, Mutual or Activity Days or some combination of the above....
THEN, sometimes, your mom is at five different stores in a day and STILL forgets birthday candles, even when the entire day is dedicated to finding stuff for your birthday.  So you end up with two Glade candles to blow out.   I agree, pretty lame!
The fruit pizza was planned, (I promise!) we went with that instead of cake.  I think it will be Bella's tradition.  It's so pretty and pink!  :)
PS.  I am planning to have a little "playgroup" birthday party on Wednesday, but still there will be no celebrating on her actual birthday, just no time!  But isn't that picture awesome.  With that much love and adoration, do you really NEED a party on your birthday?  Didn't think so.
Two years went by so fast!  What would I do without this little girlie.  She just keeps me so busy and happy (and stressed, but that's well documented on this blog... she's getting better...)
I still remember looking at that pregnancy test and crying.  I was so naive.  I just didn't know how lucky I was!  She is such a beautiful little piece of sunshine for me.  Love you Baby Bells!

Bella's Birthday Fruit Pizza

(This recipe makes one large pizza stone sized cookie)
Two rolls sugar cookie dough 
One 8 oz. strawberry cream cheese, softened
One container cool whip
One cup sugar
Assorted fruit (I used grapes and strawberries.  I was also going to use bananas, but at the store I HAPPENED to remember bananas, they were all green.)  You can use any fruit that sounds good.
Directions:  Bake the dough into a big pizza sized cookie and cool
Beat together cream cheese, cool whip and sugar.  Spread across cooled cookie like frosting.
Thinly slice your assorted fruit and distribute across the "pizza."
Really rich and delicious!

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  1. May I just say that it is a strange experience to look into the faces of those darling six kiddos and see such a combination of two of my favorite people from my past! They are amazing mixes of Borrowman and Samuel. I'm sure you see your resemblances, but take it from a girl on the outside looking in- that is incredible. They are all such cute kids! I'm glad I'm not the only one that forgets candles, btw. :)