Sunday, December 8, 2013



Here I am again, after a huge giant gap in blogging.  It's just that yesterday we went to a "Madrigal Dinner" (Christmas Dinner) for our school where my two oldest boys had the main parts. 

I am humbled and awed by their talent.  I'm not exaggerating or just giving normal mom platitudes here.  There were very seriously good.  

My only other contribution to the night, other than being the mother of those two very cool boys was being in charge of the Wassail served.  After the production I had kids, parents and teachers asking for the recipe.  Grandma herself drank four cups.  I figure with that many people enjoying it at the school, maybe my family and friends would enjoy it too.

There is a little time involved, but its worth it!  I hope you make it for Christmas and think of our family. :)

Simmer together for ten minutes the following:  I simmered a few batches longer, I preferred those batches.  The water goes amber.

2 1/2 quarts of water
1 cinnamon stick
10 whole cloves
3 cups sugar

After simmering, either fish or the cinnamon stick and clove or leave it in if you want those flavours stronger. 


Add one gallon of apple juice or cider
One 12 oz. can orange juice concentrate
One 12 oz. can lemonade concentrate

Bring back up to a simmer until ready to serve. Do not boil, it changes the taste.  I accidentally boiled one batch and it became slightly bitter.

This makes 2 gallons plus about two cups.  I actually poured the wassail in an igloo 5 gallon jug.  It stayed steaming hot for several hours.

Enjoy this!  It smells like Christmas.