Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Just Do It!"

I taught at a RS Enrichment (Homemaking?) last week on Family Scripture Study. 

When I think of reading the scriptures with our family every day, this symbol above is what comes to mind.  I dispalyed this during the lesson.  It's just not an easy thing to do Family Scriptures every day, but you have to "Just Do It."  Perserverence, Obedience, Diligence are the words that come to my mind.  Sometimes we have really uplifting spiritual lessons and sometimes, well, we are reading two verses and being obedient. But I know that by being consistent, our family is blessed and WILL be blessed by following through with what the Lord asks us to do.  I feel that every time my children walk out the door, I am in a tug of war with "the world" and "the devil."   I know that as we study scriptures daily, we'll strengthen our children's spiritual armor. 

Tyler missed seminary a day last week - because of me. Bells had pneumoia and wasn't sleeping and I just couldn't wake up.  He got into a little bit of trouble at school that day and while I was lecturing him, he says "see mom, I didn't have my armor on today!" They know they need it, it's up to us to follow through.

Just wanted to share.

HIghlight of the Week

Trip to the DR, 20.00
Antibiotics, 30.00
Second Trip to the DR, 20.00
Antibiotics, 15.00
Third Trip to the DR, 20.00
Antibiotics, 15.00

(Notice a pattern here?)

Matthew at Sushi.... Priceless....

This was the highlight of my week.  One case of pneumonia and two cases of bronchitis later (and a hundred or so dollars), this was awesome.  Sushi is one of Matthew's favorite foods ever.  See that plate?  He ate the whole thing himself, and a salad and fried wontons and some soup.  Watching him chow it down and ask for more was super fun!

PS.  I think I need to go into medicine...  just to take care of my family! Or maybe hire a housecleaner.  You reading this Derek?  We could have Auxy come and SAVE money over the co-pays!!

(Wink and smile here... but think it over....)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Year Resolutions 2011

(Or at least some really great ideas that I hope I will be able to follow through with at some point during the year...)

Read my scriptures and pray every day.  (Personal study)  This is always my number one goal every year.  (I won't record here how good I am doing it, I will only say that I am improving...)

Temple once a month (minimum, but until baby is older and the Gilbert Temple is done, I think that continues to be the most realistic.) 

Walk and do weights three days a week.  I'm thinking that is doable.  I haven't been to the gym forever and I have to start somewhere.  Went back to the "Knee DR" - again - and now I have a brace that causes me agony, but the DR assures me that it will be best for me in the long run and should improve it.  Here's hoping!
Maintain my weight is part of this.  I've decided I'm happy with it and I'm going to keep it...  Done having babies and my body is going to be as healthy as I can make it.
To have one booth at one Festival ONCE this year. I have an idea for a booth at one of our little town festivals.  I am wanting to try it out to see if it is successful.  That's a goal I'm setting for myself this year.

"Spread Sunshine" to my children every day.  Find three positive things to say to each of them personally to help them feel confident and happy.  I like to think I do this, but honestly some days are so crazy, you just don't ever know...

Prepare my Sharing Time lessons one month in advance.  The way we have things set up right now, we are each responsible for a full month of Sharing Time every three months.  I want to be more prepared so our Saturday evenings don't have to be consumed with planning and prep work every weekend that month.

Take a vacation with Derek. Alone. Child Free.  (I am turning 40 this year - this is a must happen, we haven't been anywhere together since before Bella.)

Try one new recipe or create one new recipe each month and blog about it.

Write in my blog at least twice a week. 

Follow a cleaning schedule each week.  I spent hours last week making a new chore chart for the kids.  They do chores every day but they always have "questions" about their responsibilities...  (Arguments, questions, whatever....)  Now I need to make myself a schedule and stick to it.

That's a good list, right?  I am stopping there...  Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tyler's Trek

The Trek turned out to be such a faith building experience.  Not just for Tyler, but Derek and I as well. 

First of all, I had some concerns about Trek as I was hearing little bit about the Stake's Trek plans here and there.  The idea was to keep as many little details from the kids as possible, so they wouldn't be scared off.  Well, some of the details (like how much food they planned to feed the kids) worried me so I took my concerns to a gal in our Ward that I knew was going as a "Ma and Pa."  She assured me that the planners put a lot of thought into making sure that the kids participating were kept safe and not to worry too much.  I relaxed at little after that conversation.  There's other kids in our home that I wouldn't worry as much about if I knew they were somewhat food deprived, but Tyler's not one of them.  He just finished a long and tough football season.  His body was worn down and he was pretty thin.  Starving is not what he needed.

Over Christmas break, my entire family seemed to get the plague.  On Christmas Eve, Tyler had a fever of 102.  We almost took him to the urgent care because he had such a bad cough, but a friend of ours that works in the ER told us that there was a nasty virus going around that matched his symptoms so we decided to wait and see.  By Monday, his fever was gone, but the cough was still bad.  I decided that I couldn't let him go until the DR gave me the OK, so I took him in.  Of course, she said that his lungs, ears and throat were all doing ok, so it would be up to OUR judgement whether or not to let him go on the Trek...

So we let him go another day, he was better but not great.  Meanwhile, the weather says that we are supposed to get rain and a cold front.  I mean, it was 75 and sunny a week before - it even hit 80 one day so we were NOT ready  for cold!   Tuesday night we start making phone calls to Stake leaders and again, to the gal in our Ward trying to get some specifics on the trek.  They had been SOOO quiet on details, that I didn't even know if there were gonig to be tents for the kids.  For all I knew, kids would be laying under wagons.  We were able to get a rundown on the details of the first day, which was the hardest and I spoke with the gal in our Ward again, and from there we made the decision that we would send him, and if we needed to go and get him, that we would but we should at least have him try.

Trek started on Wednesday.  Tyler was in good spirits and LUCKILY, Grandpa B. now lives across the street.  We were able to "shop" in his camping gear and really get Tyler prepared for the chilly weather that was rolling in. We felt comfortable that we had him as prepared as we possibly could.  (Dad even had a "very good poncho" for the rain, so thankful!)

We dropped Tyler off at 7 in the morning, and by about two in the afternoon the wind starting blowing so hard.  I was listening to it and tried to focus on the fact that we had him as prepared as he could possibly be. The way the Stake organized the families was so that each child was supposed to be with adults from other wards.  I felt like my first prayer was answered when I heard that somehow and for some reason, Tyler was put with the gal from our ward that I had been talking to about my concerns all month long.  I knew that Cammi would take care of him.  (She didn't have anything to do with the placement, I still don't know how it happened, I am just thankful!)

 As that first day went on, I just kept praying for him.  I had such a hard time shaking my concerns.  The wind was blowing so hard and it was such a chilly day.  All I could think about was his cough.  I knew the first day would be the hardest.  They were fed a large breakfast, but then they had to hike eight miles with no lunch and dinner was a roll and chicken broth.  (Just kept telling myself to breathe and trust that he would be okay.)

 At about four o'clock in the morning, a huge clap of thunder woke me up, then the rain started.  (In our testimony meeting Sunday, one of the other mom's in our ward said the same thing happened to her, that clap of thunder woke her!)   Loud, driving rain and howling wind.  Once again, I started to pray.  I prayed for them to be protected - that somehow they would have a "bubble" around them!  I was so worried!  I had a hard time sleeping after that. 

I contacted one of our friends Thursday morning to see if she knew how the kids were doing. She said that she heard that they were okay, so it put my mind at ease.  What I found out later, it was actually a completely different story. 

That storm nearly cancelled the entire trek.

Some people pitched tents in washes, their tents were washed completely out.  The wind flattened every single tent in camp except one, Tyler's.  Tyler's tent was the only one still standing.  He slept like a baby all night long, ten hours worth.  He was warm and cozy.  Outside his tent was chaos.  There was actually snow and ice all around the camp.  Most campers had soaking wet sleeping bags and clothes.  One chaperone I talked to said that the word she would use to describe the feeling out there was "despair."  I am SO THANKFUL that for whatever reason, our prayers were answered and Tyler was not only okay, but warm and dry.  SO THANKFUL!!!  I am sure that we're not the only parents who prayed for their child that night, but I feel like we were given a direct answer and blessing and I am grateful. 

At camp, the leaders were questioning if they should just call the whole thing off.  The kids were wet, cold, and miserable, but the kids and "ma's and pa's" said "we came this far, now we have to stay and finish!"  So the Stake President got on the phone, called up the Bishops who called up the Relief Society Presidents who called Ward members to meet at the Stake Center.  Several members met up and took all of that wet laundry home to get it washed and dried.

Derek was part of the help on Friday (New Year's Eve) and he was able to spend half the day with Tyler.  Of course, he was called out at eleven the night before and didn't get home until four am.  To go would mean that he would only get very little sleep, so he had every reason not to go. I am so thankful to be married to a man that is such a great father.  He knew how much it would mean to Tyler, and he also wanted to check on him and see how he was doing so he took a two hour nap and went out to the Trek.  We were relieved to hear that Tyler had slept both nights safe and sound and warm!  Seriously, it was like a miracle to me.  The weather was just getting colder and colder.  (The nighttime temperature out here was 29 degrees.  That is just very cold for our kids that aren't used to such low temps.)  Another huge blessing for us.

Saturday, the parents were invited to go out and see the kids come in.  It was so - awesome.  (I can't think of any other word, it fits.)  It was an emotional experience to watch those handcarts come in through the Desert.  I was so happy to see Tyler! He had a great attitude and after eating a dinner at Golden Corral of nachos, mac and cheese and banana cream pie went home and slept from 8pm until 10 am. 

The next day he bore his testimony of how our family's prayer were answered.  He's also had a great attitude about life in general.  I am so thankful for these testimony building life changing experiences that the church provides!   I'm thinking that bit by bit, "line upon line" Tyler will be firmer and firmer in his faith.   I love it!  (And I am so thankful!!!)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, 2011

We are one week into 2011.  I am completely unprepared... This first week with the kids back at school was busy and hectic and whew!  I can't believe it's over.  I am going to post my New Year's Resolutions soon, but right now I am home from church with a "sick" little girl who is not letting me get one little thing done.   :)  I have lots to post!  I'll be back soon.....