Monday, November 30, 2009


So we're on day number two of my blogging adventure. I'm not totally sure I'll have something witty and important to say on a daily basis, but until I get in the habit of posting, I'm going to try.

So it turns out that my leg is actually broken. Not the "bone chip" break I was originally told. It took me 38 years but I finally managed to break something. Moving that one off the "bucket list." :) (Do smileys show up in your blog?)

Dad flew in today from Utah to help chase around the eight month old girl. What a good dad!

My little seven year old went to school today and told the teacher that his mom broke her leg and so the whole class needed to write her get well cards. That child is so precious. The other sweet thing is his teacher actually took a minute to write me a note. She explained that she didn't have enough time to let the entire class write one, but she was able to have a few send notes home.

How sweet!

I have great friends and a fantastic family. My life is blessed

P.S. I also have a hot pink cast - Oh Yeah!!! The only thing it's missing is a little sparkle. Don't think I'm not going to find a way to add it!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Way to go!

Well, I've gone and done it now.

I managed to fracture my foot four weeks before Christmas. Four wheeling in the desert sounded like so much fun all the way until I was in the air with the quad one way and me the other.

Never mind it's a mother's busiest time of the year. Never mind that I have an eight month old baby that's trying her BEST to make me crazy already. (How is it possible that she finds every single paper, crumb, popcorn kernel, every everything on my vacuumed - I promise - floor to stick in her mouth!)

Never mind that I actually have five other children besides her to take care of, shop for, get to their activities, go to their Christmas recitals, plays, etc.

Maybe the upside is, I'll start this blog I've been thinking about for a while... Maybe I'll make a game plan to get my life in order. That's been my goal for a while now.

Just maybe....