Friday, March 15, 2013

Trying Again

I feel as though I've always written many of these blog posts as therapy for me.  Or at least a way to use my somewhat limited and strained creativity.  :)

The past year has been crazy.  Crazy busy, emotional, stressful, great - just plain crazy.  So keeping track of our lives and some of my thoughts through this blog has not been my priority.  But I think it's wrong of me to ignore this outlet of mine completely.

 So, I'm going to recommit AGAIN to keeping this little blog up to date.  It's important for me and my family.

I've been taking pictures and had thoughts to include here, I haven't forgotten about my blog absolutely, but now I'm going to make it happen.

There, I've written it.  I'm hitting publish on this little note and then I'm officially committed.

Here goes.......