Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best Part of the Day

First, Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!!

It's been, as usual, a busy and chaotic few weeks at the Samuel house. 

In the first five minutes of the first game of the little boys basketball season, Matthew was leveled and broke his arm in half.  Like both bones snapped right above the wrist.  Poor guy, it was brutal.  This happened on February fourth.  Finally, on February ninth the child had minor surgery to set the bones and get a cast.  Today, February 14th was his first day back at school.

When he got home I asked him what was the favorite part of his day and he said "when I got to school."

It was one of my highs today also.  I drove him to school so I could speak with his teacher and school nurse.  When Matthew walked into his classroom, the first child that saw him yelled "Matthew!!"  Then ALL his classmates, together and without prompting starting yelling Matthew's name and stood up clapping and cheering for him. He got a standing ovation.  It was so GREAT!  I mean I know Matthew's awesome.  But it's fun to know that the kids at school know it too.  :)  What a boost for my little guy that had such a rough week!

The other favorite part of my day was when I came downstairs to a big vase of roses.  Then Bella came downstairs.  She sat in from of the flowers and said "look my pretty flowers!"  I said Bella I think they are mine.  She sat back in the chair, and got a very sad look on her face and I caved.  OK Bella, they are your flowers.  She was happy immediately.  "My need to call my daddy and say thank you for the pretty flowers. He so nice." 

Yes, he is so nice.  And she made his whole day when she called him and thanked him for the flowers.  (I warned him in advance that the flowers were now hers.)  Another "best part of the day."

The last best part of my day was when Julianna caught me in the kitchen when I was by myself doing a "I'm going to Disneyland with no children" happy dance.  She came in and said, did I really just see what I thought I saw?  "Yes Ma'am!"  I am excited about the "girls only" trip in a few days.  So thankful for fortieth birthdays!  (Happy Birthday Shirley, the trip is a great idea.)

And I love my family.