Sunday, August 21, 2016

In memory of Grandma A.

All 8 Of Us
In memory of our amazing grandma Charlotte Anderson

Our Grandma Anderson - who was loved and adored by our entire family- passed away surrounded by loved ones August 12, 2016.

One of her final gifts to us in the Claudette Borrowman family was to have us all gathered in the same place for the first time in seven years.  Not only was that a gift to us, but it also showed the depth and POWER of her love and influence she had in all our lives.

Im sure we will all work to leave a similar legacy.

I haven't even looked at this blog for a few years, but while we were gathered together laughing and crying I decided I was ready to get back "on the horse" so to speak and write again.

Once I collect some more pictures, I will add entries of some of the thoughts and feelings I had over the past week.

But for now, this one is for you grandma! Miss you already...