Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rare Find

So I saw something in the Walmart parking lot today that was so beautiful and rare in my little world, it actually brought tears to my eyes. 

I saw a little couple, probably in their late eighties, slowly walking together to their car holding hands.

It was awesome.  And I really shed a few tears.  I'm used to seeing "snow birds" but they are busy and young, especiallly compared to this little sweet couple that I saw.

I called Derek and told him that's what I want for us, to grow very old together and be in love. He said "yes, that will be us, holding hands in the Coolidge Walmart parking lot when we're old."  Hmmm... didn't think of it that way.  The COOLIDGE Walmart?!  Not quite what I have in mind but if we're still here then, when we are VERY old....

As long as we're holding hands and walking together I guess that will be okay,

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