Friday, February 18, 2011

Back again...

Well, so much for that blogging twice a week goal.  (Or was it three times?)  I've been in a little funk lately.  Just so much going on in life, that it felt like one more thing to do to blog.  Plus, who wants to hear from a big grouch?  I think that I'm getting over it now....  so hopefully the creative juices will start flowing again and my family will give me more stories to write about that will help them to know that I actually enjoy being their mother.  (You know, so if that's in doubt as they get older, they can read the proof!)

Jules is playing basketball and Tyler is their coach.  It is very fun to watch.  Tyler made up a cheer they do before every game that ends with a coyote howl. (That's the name of their team.) The kids on her team think it's the coolest.  Sadly, they've lost every game.  I hope that they can come up with at least one win before the season is over!

My Bella timer just went off.  I've got to take care of her.  Ever since she had pneumonia, she will spike a fever every once in a while that lasts a day or so.  This is one of those days, and she is calling me.  Good to be back!

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